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A man, a mullet and some hillbilly teeth

Matt Eden and Buck Nekkit are rocking social media

The first thing noticed about Buck Nekkit is his prominent, misaligned teeth. After that, it might be his mullet or camouflage clothing or that his deck is missing a few cards. However, the Joker cards are still there thanks to his creator, Matt Eden, of Lebanon. Nekkit is a popular comedic character on social media, especially on the YouTube channel Missouri Public Hunter. “That YouTube Channel as of last night has 47,438 subscribers. I think that (one channel) is sitting at about 30,000,000 total views in two years,” Eden said. YouTube also tallies the watched hours for his videos as well. “It was something like 14,000. People have sat and watched my videos just on that channel for 14,000 hours,” Eden said. For more on this story, see Saturday's LCR.