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Summer of Lowe series hits the Lake of the Ozarks

Q&A with Rodney Atkins


The Summer of Lowe concert series hit the Lake of the Ozarks Tuesday evening with a special performance on the water by country superstar Rodney Atkins. Atkins and Lowe have partnered to bring a unique concert experience to country music fans and water-lovers alike.

Atkins has charted numerous number one singles including “If You’re Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows)”, “Watching You”, “These Are My People”, “Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy),  “It’s America”, “Take A Back Road” and more. The concert was highly anticipated and garnered the interest of thousands on Facebook.

The performance took place on the lake at a set of coordinates which were shared via the Facebook event.  The concert was boat-access only and free for all to enjoy. Lowe Boats was founded in Lebanon, Mo and it’s no surprise the closest lake to Lebanon made the list of show locations.

Diana and Carl Lowe founded Lowe Industries in 1971 and Lowe is one of the oldest boating companies to be co-founded by a woman. Diana is the daughter of J.B. Appleby, who is considered by many to be the father of aluminum boating. J.B. Appleby and his son-in-law, Carl Lowe, were in business together for nearly a decade before Carl started his own company. 

Today, after over 50 years of boat crafting, the Lowe legacy pushes forward with continuous strides in innovation and quality for a new generation of boaters and water sport enthusiasts.

The LCR spoke with Rodney Atkins about the special summer shows and got some insight on how he and his family enjoy the lake. 

Q&A with Rodney Atkins:

What’s it like getting to work on the water this summer with the Lowe Boats partnership?

“It’s been amazing working with Lowe Boats and getting to combine two of my favorite things, playing music and being out on the water.”

What does spending time on the water mean to you as a father?

“When I come home off the road, getting out on our Lowe pontoon is a great way to unwind. The boys absolutely love the water and I love getting to share my love for the water with them. It’s a time when the rest of the world goes away. When a kid has a fish on the line, it’s better than Disney World. “

How has the fan response been to the free concert series?

“Judging by the smiles on their faces and how loud they sing along, I think they have been enjoying the shows.”

What are some of your favorite lake tunes? 

"Little Big Town- Pontoon and of course Chatahoochee is my all-time favorite!”

Have you been to the Lake of the Ozarks before? If you have time, what are you going to try to make sure you do while you’re in town?

“I have and I love it here. I don’t really have a plan while I’m here, I just want to be out on the water and spend as much time with the fam as possible. We did bring our fishing poles, so if we get lucky we may just reel a few in!”

The final shows in the Summer of Lowe tour will take place Aug. 14 at Lenoir City Park in Tennessee and Oct. 7 at Orange Beach, Alabama. More information can be found by searching Lowe Boats on Facebook or visiting