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County Commission says 'no' to consolidated tax agreement

With an interim agreement expiring Friday, the City of Lebanon, Laclede County Commission and Laclede County Collector had still not come to an agreement this week for collecting Lebanon taxes. At Thursday’s Laclede County Commission meeting, commissioners voted 3-0 to sign the original agreement. The City of Lebanon and their attorney Chris Allen presented a consolidated tax agreement they had drafted for both the County Commission and County Collector to sign. With just one day (at the time of the story being written) until the deadline for agreement, city officials said they were willing to try every avenue to come to resolution for the tax-payers of Laclede county. The County Collector, Toni Morris, is in agreement with the drafted document and is willing to sign it. Laclede County Presiding Commissioner Randy Angst, Western Commissioner Darrell Pollock and Eastern Commissioner David Layman refused to sign any agreement other than the agreement drafted by the County attorney, Amy Folsom. For more on this story see the LCR.