'...Some flamingos and a dream...'

LDR photo/Laura Valenti

Sisters Jayne Sharp and Jewel Rea have started a unique business in Lebanon. For a fee, they will place a “flock” of plastic pink flamingos in a friend or relative’s yard. If the business takes off, they plan to expand to other kinds of lawn ornaments.


The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us there is nothing new under the sun but that doesn’t mean you can’t take an old idea and make it over into something new. And that is exactly what Lebanon natives, Jayne Sharp and Jewel Rea are doing with their new business.
For years, friends and foes have ‘attacked’ others’ homes with everything from toilet paper to plastic forks in the yard under a wide range of motives from retaliation and revenge to getting the attention of the cutest boy in school to just a lame joke.
In recent years, a few groups even took to putting things like stand-up flamingos in someone’s yard as a fundraiser, charging the “victim” to take away the offending waterfowl.
Combing the Internet for a new part-time money-making idea with a side benefit of lightweight entertainment, sisters Jayne and Jewel have hit upon a kinder, gentler and more celebratory version of the flamingo yard dance.

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