Perfect attendance for graduating LHS senior


Most people have pleasant memories from their school days.  Hannah Lowery may have more than most because she has missed school the least.
Having 2,262 opportunities, give or take, to miss a day of school before graduating this year, Lowery chose wisely.
She was never absent or tardy for school in 13 years.
“I don’t get sick that often. I’ve been blessed with really good health. I just like being around my peers, and I care a lot about my education. I think that’s what helped me stay with keeping my perfect attendance, what motivated me to do that,” Lowery said.
After receiving her first elementary school awards for perfect attendance when she attended Bolivar, including going to Incredible Pizza for the day and her parents’ praise, Lowery set her sights on earning more.
She did not realize until Junior High that she had the opportunity for perfect attendance for all 13 years of schooling.
She was very lucky when it came to her health. She never went to the nurse’s office to lie down or get permission to go home.
Lowery has never had the flu. Her main malady has typically been allergies, which are not enough to keep her home.

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