Machete, baseball bat wielding men arrested by LCSO

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According to a report filed by the Laclede County Sheriff’s office, two suspects used a machete, a baseball bat and rock throwing to discourage trespassers on their property.

The report said that Monday, a blue passenger car passed a husband and wife traveling on East Missouri 32 at approximately 80-90 miles per hour and ran people off the road, among other infractions. The couple attempted to follow the speeding car to get a license plate and other information from the driver to turn over to authorities.

They saw the blue vehicle speed into the driveway of a residence and followed it in. The couple reported a man exited the vehicle carrying a machete and ran behind the residence. Another man left the residence carrying a baseball bat and walked down the driveway toward the couple.

The husband, according to the report, stated both subjects began yelling for them to leave the property or they would be killed, along with other threatening statements. The bat-wielding suspect began throwing rocks at his car as he left.

Deputies later went to the residence, located the vehicle and spoke with the suspects. The suspects claimed they had sped up when they noticed someone following them home and slid into their driveway. One suspect said the reason he grabbed a machete was because he was afraid. He also said the other suspect simply asked the couple to leave the property.

After the couple identified the suspects, the officers recovered the machete and placed the suspects under arrest, the report says.


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