Fund set up to take donations for Sheriff's equipment

Sheriff Millsap


The Laclede County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with Lebanon Area Foundation for a fund to support the needs of local law enforcement.
“There are a lot of needs that we have and this is just another way of reaching out to the community for assistance,” Millsap said. “It’s kind of a unique partnership because a lot of places, the sheriff’s office does without when funding is not available through the county. This will give us the opportunity for another funding source, for grants through LAF.”
Millsap said the fund would also make it easier for people to donate to the department.
“People have approached me about the possibility of donating money, in a government entity, that’s hard, how do you work that money into a government budge, this allows us to let the foundation handle the money side of things,” he said.
Melinda Fries, director of the Lebanon Area Foundation explained the need for the new fund, known as the Laclede County Law Enforcement Safety and Support Fund.
“This is a really great opportunity to be able to allow community members, grant makers and other foundations to directly donate toward the safety and security of our law enforcement officers in Laclede County,” Fries said. “The funds would stay in Laclede County, we would only give to Laclede county Sheriff’s Department support. “

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