Coroner believes medical emergency may have caused fatal wreck

LCR photo/Chris Roden

Fines Massey

The Laclede County Coroner’s Office believes that a medical emergency caused the fatality wreck Wednesday afternoon, where a truck drove through the corner of a house on Second Street and hit another one before coming to a rest.

Coroner Steve Murrell said Friday morning that he believes that Irvin W. Griffin, 82, suffered from some type of medical emergency that led to Wednesday’s wreck and may have killed him before Griffin’s truck even stopped.

“It’s the only thing that makes sense,” Murrell said.

He explained that there are instances where a driver accidentally hits the accelerator with their foot, but because of the rate of speed at which Griffin’s truck was moving and the fact that there was no attempt to stop, makes Murrell believe that some type of medical emergency like a stroke or heart attack caused the wreck. He added that the only thing that is unknown is if Griffin died before, during or because of the accident.

As per usual in a fatality wreck, a blood sample is being sent to a lab for testing, but there is no autopsy planned, Murrell said.

For the complete story, see Saturday's edition of the Laclede County Record.


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