Live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ adds nothing to the classic’s legacy

Beauty and the Beast

Hollywood is known for remaking successful movies. Production companies do it every year. If they aren’t spending all of their money on a sequel, you can bet the people with the money are trying to find new ways to tell the same story. Just last week I reviewed “Kong: Skull Island,” a loud and entertaining revision of a 20th-century classic. I expect remakes from most production companies. But Disney — the single greatest children film generator in the business?

In 2010, Disney began making live-action versions of their classic animated features again. First, it was the horrid “Alice in Wonderland” and “Maleficent.” “Cinderella,” “Pete’s Dragon” and “The Jungle Book” made strides in the right direction, but now we’re left with “Beauty and the Beast.”

If anyone tells you this movie is better than the original, they’re either lying, a die hard fan of Emma Watson, a fan of live-action, or they haven’t watched the animated version in a while. Because the animated film is a masterpiece that evokes memories of childhood where anything is possible. And every frame of this movie makes me think about how good the animated version is.

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