Wonder Woman

In this grim, dark and morally ambiguous world that Zack Snyder has created for the DC Comic cinematic universe, “Wonder Woman” is a breath of fresh air. Gal Gadot, who seems born to play the role, takes up the mantle of the world’s first female superhero with a glee that hasn’t been seen since Richard Donner hired Christopher Reeve to put on the blue tights and fly through the air.

Unlike the recent angsty DC heroes we’ve seen lately (Superman’s reluctant messiah story line got more than a little old in “Dawn of Justice”), it’s good to see a hero who runs into battle and saves the day just because doing so is what is right. Finally, Warner Brothers has gotten back to what has made these DC characters so iconic in the first place. There’s a reason that these characters have lasted for 75 years, and it’s not because of some existential crisis.

After so many recent critical flops, it seems that Warner Brothers has decided to take a cue from Disney’s Marvel Comics films and actually rely on the source material rather than trying to take it in a new modern direction. “Wonder Woman” is the first DC movie in this new “Justice League” universe that truly feels like an adaptation of the comics rather than a re-imagining. This is a movie that Wonder Woman creator, William Marston, truly could be proud of.

Jenkins, who previously directed the Academy Award winning “Monster,” has created a film that is equal parts “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger.” It has the fish-out-of-water quality of the former mixed with the altruistic, compassionate heroics of the latter. Plus, like “Captain America” its fun to see a hero in a period piece, smashing evil German soldiers in the face. Wonder Woman even gets to use a shield to do some of the smashing.

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