‘The Orville’ has trouble leaving orbit

The Orville

Seth MacFarlane has written a love letter to “Star Trek” with his first live-action TV show, “The Orville,” but he’s forgotten to include any jokes in the new comedy.

While the show does a good job of capturing the campiness and even some of the heart of the 60s cult classic and its many iterations over the years, it adds little to the concept. It seems like MacFarlane went into a meeting and said, “My show is exactly ‘Star Trek,’ but the crew will make crude jokes like you and I do when we’re alone at home.” I guess this could work (and it does in a few instances), but it’s just not enough to justify a whole series.

MacFarlane not only pulls the strings behind the camera, he’s also the lead of the show. MacFarlane (in his first live-action TV role) stars as Ed Mercer an officer in the Planetary Union who tanks his career after catching his wife, Kelly (Adrianne Palicki), cheating on him. Cut to a year later, Ed is surprisingly made the captain of  an Enterprise-type ship called the Orville. The real hook of the show comes midway in the pilot when Ed learns that his first mate is none other than his ex-wife. It’s not the worst concept (pitting the bickering couple against each other), but it never quite takes off. It’s also incredibly obvious how its going to end. There’s no doubt that they’ll eventually get along and work well together.

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