Keeping it safe, legal Fireworks are prohibited in the city of Lebanon

By Fines Massey The Daily Record

While it might be tempting to shoot off some fireworks within the city in celebration of America’s independence, Lebanon Police Chief Randy Halstead warns that people need to take their celebrations outside of town or they could face stiff fines.

“We want to let everybody who might not be familiar with the fact know that the city of Lebanon has ordinances against the possession or the sale or the discharging of any type of fireworks within the city limits,” Halstead said. Halstead also said that once fireworks stands start popping up outside of town until just past the Fourth of July, his officers will be busy every night responding to calls about fireworks being discharged within the city.

“We do get a number of complaints and a number of reports, and we want everyone to know that it is a violation of city ordinance,” Halstead said. If convicted in Lebanon Municipal Court, a person could be fined up to $500, he added.

For those patriotic celebrators outside of city limits, the University of Missouri Extension warns that families need to be careful with the potentially dangerous fireworks.

“Celebrating Independence Day can be fun for the family, but fireworks are not a toy. Injuries can range from burned fingers and lacerations to serious disability or loss of vision,” said Bob Schultheis of the MU Extension in a media release.

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<p><strong>Stacks and stacks of all manner of exploding and sparkling fireworks</strong> line the tables at Rick and Pam’s Fireworks today. Local law enforcement and fire department authorities remind people in Lebanon that it is against city ordinance to discharge fireworks inside the city limits. They also recommend people to play it safe when setting off fireworks outside of the city, making sure that no smoldering embers are left at the end of the night and to keep water on hand.</p>

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