How Do You Know When You're Really an Adult?

(StatePoint) Think back on those milestones that made you feel like you were finally a grown-up.

The curious minds at Moen investigated the markers of adulthood, via an online survey conducted by Harris Poll. Some of the most common signs reported by those polled include:

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<p align="center"><strong>Moving Out</strong>

Forty-nine percent of Americans said moving out of their parents’ home made/would make them feel like an adult. Why? This act may mark the start of financial independence, getting a full-time job and paying bills.

<p align="center"><strong>Settling Down</strong>

Fifty-four percent of Americans say that getting married made/would make them feel like an adult. Though culture has changed, a majority of people still seem to value marriage, which also often includes parenthood -- another marker of adulthood for many. After all, what’s more grown-up than being called “Mom” or “Dad”?

<p align="center"><strong>Homeownership</strong>

Homeownership is a pivotal sign of maturity. For first-time homebuyers, the chances of finding the perfect place with new hardware and fixtures may be slim, but updating a home can be another important part of “adulting.” Brands like <a href="" rel="nofollow">Moen</a> offer kitchen and bathroom fixtures that are on-trend and easy-to-install, so DIY is doable for almost anyone.

“Whether you’re renovating and looking for a faucet that speaks to your style, or need a handshower to make bathing your baby stress-free, great fixtures can help make being a grown-up great,” says Andrea Maher, senior marketing communications specialist, Moen. 

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How Do You Know When You're Really an Adult?

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